A zucchini a day . . .

. . . still would not deplete my backlog before my next CSA delivery.

Yes, eight is enough.
Yes, eight is enough.

That’s right. As I type, there are EIGHT summer squash (six zucchini and two yellow squash) in my fridge. Last week’s sharebox included four of each, and this week’s held four more.

My goal: to eat them up or put them up by next Monday.

It’s a Zuke-off! It’s Cucuzza-mania! It’s a downright Squashapalooza!

Squashapalooza Day I: Pasta with zucchini, corn, and tomatoes

Inspired by Mark Bittman, on a tip from my pal, Ann.

CSA onions, zucchini, and tomatoes; Jersey-fresh corn
CSA onions, zucchini, and tomatoes; Jersey-fresh corn

I halved Mark’s original recipe, and subbed in a handful of the Sungold cherry tomatoes from this week’s share. Bonus points for using one of the smaller sweet onions from last week. Double-bonus points for having grown the garlic and the tarragon myself.

Thrown together in about 20 minutes, this made enough for a quick dinner Monday night, plus lunch (with a small salad) on Tuesday.

Dinner on Day One, lunch on Day Two
Dinner on Day I, lunch on Day II

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