Tahini Slaw

Sure, sure, you could say this is just a riff on the salad I posted last winter, the one with the shaved Brussels and kale with tahini-lemon-maple dressing. But this one’s way different. For one thing, there’s cabbage in this one—big heads, not those little mini guys. And for another, there’s honey, not maple syrup….

Sunny & Crisp Triple-Root Salad

Fresh and bright in a way that makes you ask the Polar Vortex how many days until pitchers and catchers report, here’s a crisp and crunchy three-root salad that’s somewhere between a slaw and a remoulade. Triple-Root Salad Really, any roots will do. I loved this combination of celery root, beets, and carrots from last week’s sharebox,…

Kohlrabi Remoulade (a fancypants slaw)

A couple years ago, when the first kohlrabi globes appeared in my CSA box, I didn’t know what to make of them, either. One coworker suggested to boil and mash them with carrots. I did that. Not bad. Someone else advised roasting and smashing. I did that, too—and liked the resulting sweetness a little more….