Cloudy goodness July 17

Cloudy with a Chance of Pickles

Half-sour dill pickles, to be exact. Fermented halfsies, to be even exacter. I can’t pretend to be an expert on the lacto-magic that happens here; I can only testify that it works. After years of trying to replicate “Kosher dills” using the vinegar-brine method – and ending up, every time, with tasty but mushy spears, […]

Royal Burgundy Beans from this week's CSA share. Real bean-y beans. July 10

Grilly Beans

A few Thanksgivings ago (wow, now that I think about it, it’s more like ten), I started roasting haricots verts until they blistered, then zapping them with grated lemon zest on their way from oven to table. Ever since, that’s become my go-to potluck veggie dish. In fact, I rarely prepare string (or stringless) beans any […]

Best dish I've made in a good, long while. June 09

Polenta: When Meal Makes the Meal

Sometimes I fantasize there’s a CSA Merit Badge for incorporating multiple sharebox items into a single dish. I had a four-bagger a couple months ago. One of the winter season’s final boxes included shitake and crimini mushrooms, red sorrel, a head of garlic, and a bag of Castle Valley Mill polenta. I guess technically that’s five items. […]

A pint of red brilliance. June 04


This week’s pre-delivery CSA list had me prepped for more rhubarb—which was great, since I’d used up last week’s bundle making preserves Sunday. When I pulled back the lid on Tuesday’s box, though, there were strawberries instead. Superb. Sunday’s jam session had also cleaned me out of extra berries, so the switcheroo was a welcome one. I knew exactly […]

With carrots or pita wedges, hummus is a mid-afternoon go-to in our break room. May 27

Roasted Green-Garlic Hummus

It’s garlic that hasn’t graduated yet. Green garlic—or spring garlic—is simply garlic that’s pulled from the ground before the bulb of cloves matures and starts to dry. You’ll see it in the market and in your CSA sharebox throughout spring and summer, first as what looks like a scallion but smells like mild garlic; then […]

Tiny ingredient list, huge flavor. May 16

Honey-Roasted Rhubarb

The fine folks at Greensgrow Farms recently asked me to guest blog for them on how my garden weathered our extreme winter.  I lost four long-established climbing roses, every single perennial herb except some scraggly sage, about half my grapes, and the real heartbreaker: my prolific fig tree. On the bright side, well, my garden’s regained a bright […]

Barilotti with nettle pesto and asparagus May 04

Sting for your Supper

Stinging Nettles. What, you missed that day in Professor Slughorn‘s class? Though raw stinging nettles will indeed hurt you for a few minutes if you touch them with bare hands, you don’t need a magic wand or copy of Advanced Potion-Making to transform those-who-shall-not-be-handled into a terrific—and nutrient-dense—workhorse green. A couple-minute blanch is all it takes […]

A little 8- or 9-inch pan is the perfect size for 4-egg frittata. May 01

A Dandy Lunch: Spring CSA Frittata

Everything here was from the last couple shareboxes to arrive in the Winter Season (though we’re bound and determined around here to consider it SPRING): eggs, a wee red onion, portabellos, an aged, gouda-style cheese, chives, and the crown jewel, a bag of dandelion greens. So many CSAers I know don’t bother with the “weed […]

Shhh. Don't tell the kids. This cake is full of vegetables. April 23

Let them eat (parsnip-carrot) cake

  Even those of us who love parsnips and carrots suffered a little root fatigue this winter. The carrots were a little easier to work through—so sweet for snacking (or soup or pancakes)—but the ‘snips required a bit more effort. I do love parsnips, but, right or wrong, they’re typecast for me, relegated to a supporting role […]

Green + red = pink April 17

Cabbage, Salt & Gramma’s Secret Ingredient

“Time.” That’s all she ever asked for. Once glasses were filled, grace was offered, and platters were passed, “Time” was Gramma Crawshaw’s stock answer to any host’s query, “What does anyone need?” You could count on it. Just as you could count on her bringing the finest, hand-cut coleslaw to every holiday gathering. Itsy bitsy little slivers of cabbage and carrots. Uniform, […]


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