This batch released so much of its own liquid that I didn't need to add any extra brine. April 19

Eastertide Fermentation Miracle

Perfectly Paschal purple, this ferment came together Easter morning, after I’d finished up a mixed-veg slaw to contribute to that evening’s holiday table. The slaw used up all the carrots, but the remaining cabbage and celeriac volunteered for laboratory duty. Time for more small-batch fermentation experimentation! I suspected my sunnier, Spring-warmed kitchen might kick the fermentation process into a higher […]

Beyond the Baton March 30

More Carrots, Fewer Sticks

We haven’t been stockpiling on purpose, but Sunday morning I noticed our crisper’d somehow accumulated three pretty big bags of carrots. And LFFC’s weekly newsletter predicted another bunch would arrive on Tuesday. Yikes. For sure, we could stand to bump up our share of raw carrots consumed, so I peeled and sliced the biggest roots into snackable […]

Tahini, Tehina. Let's call the whole thing sesame paste. March 10

Miracle Cure for Root Fatigue

Carrots. Parsnips. Beets. Rutabagas. Celeriac. Kohlrabi. Radishes. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Our LFFC farmers’ high tunnels and hoop houses have gifted us each week with a small bunch of kale or spinach or cress or rocket (and last week, green beans!), but easily two-thirds of each sharebox has been roots—and as much as I love ’em, here, at the […]

Curried Peanut Stew, topped and ready for the lunchbox. February 23

A Stew So Nice I Made It Twice . . .

. . . just so I could eat it once. A recent all-night (and all-the-next-day) bout with a hidden crustacean left me, um, shell-shocked. I’ve been so careful these past few years. But with too many plates—and probably too many glasses—on the six-top that night, I didn’t ask our server all the questions I should have. I […]

How is it that these three winter roots taste like summer? February 08

Sunny & Crisp Triple-Root Salad

Fresh and bright in a way that makes you ask the Polar Vortex how many days until pitchers and catchers report, here’s a crisp and crunchy three-root salad that’s somewhere between a slaw and a remoulade. Triple-Root Salad Really, any roots will do. I loved this combination of celery root, beets, and carrots from last week’s sharebox, […]

Least loved? Most feared? I don't get it. Kohlrabi is lovely on the inside. January 28

Swap-Box Hero: SpanaKohlpita

Judging by end-of-day swap-box contents, kohlrabi—especially the giant Kossaks we see in the colder months—is in the running for our site’s least-loved (most-feared?) CSA item. Even in high July, after zucchini fatigue has set in, we rarely see a uniform swap box at closing time. But last Tuesday, after all the first-week Winter Season shares had […]

Lots of green and gold, coincident with another Packer victory. Nice, aina hey? January 12

August in January: Corn & Poblano Chicken Stew

Blanched-bright sweet corn. Deep green poblanos. Sungold tomatoes. Back in late August, I’d tucked vacuum packets of all these bits of summer into our freezer. I had no set plans for them, really, beyond having a bank of reserved sunshine to call on some bitter winter day. Yesterday wasn’t really all that bitter—sunny and 30s, actually, […]

It actually is easy eating green. December 14

Kale and Hearty

It’s easy to take potatoes for granted. But fresh, local spuds are a marvel, with a nutty flavor and creamy texture that can’t be matched out of the mesh sacks shipped halfway across the country. In fact, next to eggs (okay, and maybe sweet, late-season carrots), they’re my favorite CSA staple, and when my stash is […]

Loaded with fall. November 12

How much Fall can you squeeze into a cake?

Yes, of course I realize baseball season’s behind us by several weeks now—unless you’re in Philadelphia or Chicago, in which case you abandoned hope in, oh, late July. Nevertheless, my resistance to fall flavors (and to puns) is equally futile. This supermoist and only lightly sweet ring cake is so packed with pumpkin, apples, cranberries, nuts, ginger, cinnamon, and […]

Poblanos, serranos, jalapeños, Cubanelles, bananas, sweet habañeros, bells, and a few mystery peppers. October 30

Scary-Good Hot Sauce

Bubble, bubble, a little toil, not much trouble. In mid-September, I chunked up a whole mess of hot, super-hot, and mild peppers, stuffed them into a couple jars, added salt water, and let them burble away on my kitchen counter. Fermentation, kickstarted by the the ambient yeasts and mild fall temps in my kitchen, worked its black […]


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